Thursday, April 3, 2008

bands from nashville that are actually good

paper rival played the cafe wednesday night. i'm not going to charm you with fancy words and write a proper review, i'm just going to say that if you're a fan of anything in the ballpark of as tall as lions, colour revolt, brand new or the new frontiers then you should check paper rival out. their ep is solid, their live show is great and they have a full length due out in june.

so there you go, i'll save you the absolutely ridiculous similes (this blog is as stylistically weak as a 7th grader climbing the rope in gym class) and just throw you the heads up: paper rival is for real and they're going to be a household name (a really artsy household that likes music).

and in case you're not convinced by my sub-par blogging, i'll just mention that they were formerly known as keating and sold quite a few records as such and they're also one of ap's top someone's of 2008 (okay seriously, every ap i see has a list of a hundred someone's that will do something sometime soon). so yeah, paper rival is one of those.

catch paper rival at the cafe on sunday, may 25th with nightmare of you, the graduate and edison glass.

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