Monday, April 21, 2008


this is part 1 of who knows how many of my coachella anticipation & soon to be review of the actual event.
first up: architecture in helsinki. on their myspace they call themselves Melodramatic Popular Song / Ghettotech / Jungle. i call them crazy, fun, original. think what you want about architecture in helsinki, but if this video doesn't get you up & dancing then i don't know what will.

i can clearly remember the first time i heard them, because i had an absolute fit of joy. that is just what aih does to me & i hope to share this joy with you. here's that first song i ever heard. i still get all silly & happy when i hear it. this is not the song's official video, but this animation is quite similar to what i experience when i close my eyes & listen.
doodoodoo doodoodoo doo *clap*clap* doodledoodledoo (wandering eyes)

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