Wednesday, April 9, 2008

more kids blowing up...

so there's a kid in my guest bedroom...goes by the name of a rocket to the moon. pretty good solo project stuff. it's more evidence that the kids are taking over (see: the maine, brighten, sing it loud etc.). which isn't a bad thing, it just seems to be happening SO fast. i sort of thought that the cute is what we aim for thing would die off relatively fast, but they seem to have created a demand for indie-pop that is spreading instead of dying off.

which begs the question: just how long until we see radio and tv scoop up this new sub-genre? sure you'll catch the occasional video late at night on fuse, but does indie-pop have enough momentum (or label support really) to create such a demand and then fill it? seems like the labels are working hard to secure their indie-pop artists (sing it loud just signed to epitaph and the maine to fearless). which begs the even juicier question: when will brighten sign with someone?

i'm pretty much rambling here, but it's been a week since any of us have posted and i'm kinda embarrassed.

either way, a rocket to the moon plays the songs you want to hear at the cafe on thursday with brighten, sing it loud, allred, this is anfield and jackie campbell. tickets are still available online at ($7) or at the door ($10).

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Anonymous said...

Is Brighten playing the benefit show this Friday? And if they are, where do they fall on the lineup for the night?