Friday, April 11, 2008

yes, the kids are taking over.

as previously stated, it seems the kids are the future of rock. or pop-punk. or pop-rock. you know. all that catchy, dancy jazz. sing it loud is a band that falls into this category. they're good: not amazing-drop-everything-right-now-and-listen-or-else, but good. and for sil that's good enough for me. approached last night by bassist nate flynn we were asked if we wanted to buy an ep for just $3 to help them out. sam gave in and i didn't mind because i'm all for helping bands out and supporting music, but i didn't think i'd really be listening to the album much to be honest. sam and i tested it out this morning on our drive to school and decided it's not like we wasted money. frontman pat brown has a voice that you'll enjoy listening to - a nice little break from all the whiney poppy boys out there at the moment. the ep reminded me of a mixture of motion city soundtrack (ironic because it was produced by mcs's josh cain) and mayday parade/all time low...or at least something along the lines of the last two, which isn't hard to find nowadays. they're fun to dance and sing along to. plus, i can say i'd listen to "i've got a feeling" over and over.

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