Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nate, Nate, Nate

one of my favorite band people that comes through the cafe is giving up his sticks. nate of in:aviate and brobecks notoriety is dealing with some kidney issues and can't tour right now. seriously if you've ever met nate, you know he's a great guy. we get so many arrogant rock-types through the cafe, so when nate comes to town we get excited because he just plays good music without all the attitude.

at last night's cafe show, he could only play two songs. but when you know the drummer is only going to play two songs, it really helps build the excitement of the show. by the time he took the stage, the crowd and in:aviate were so ready to go they nearly destroyed the stage and themselves (and a really nice SG guitar). i'll miss nate behind a kit: he's a stunningly consistent drummer. the upside though is that he lives a few blocks from the cafe so hopefully we'll get to see more of him. nate, we wish you all our "best wishes and good thoughts on your recovery" (but you and everyone else knows that means we'll be praying for you!).

love, the cafe

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