Saturday, October 13, 2007

what's up fatlip?

I drove to Boulder today, it's a drive I've made numerous times, no big deal. I listened to a lot of new and old music on said drive which I enjoyed quite a bit such as the new Radiohead album (too obvious), Architecture is Helsinki (I dig), and a little Jose Gonzalez

If there is one person that I think would be incredible at the cafe it's Jose Gonzalez. If you haven't already purchased his new cd, In Our Nature, do it now. It's just too good. If we could by some act of God get him to play here, I think I would die a happy man.

Also, I'm pretty excited about our singer/songwriter showcase on the 19th. I think we've put together a lot of really good artists. Salt Lake, or I guess in our case Sandy, definitely needs a stronger (and by stronger I mean better quality not quantity) singer/songwriter scene. I think this show coming up is full of artists that could actually help build that, they're hand picked by us, and I dig what they're doing musically.


Lauralee said...

It'd be cool to see Pete Nischt to

Tim Glenn said...


It looks like he only hangs out in Ohio. If he comes out west we'll try to get him, just for you.