Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Supermarket Sweep

if you had $50 and 30 seconds in graywhale in draper (they're the only graywhale that doesn't take down our posters), here's what i suggest you aim for (based on what i've been listening to this week):

band of horses - cease to begin

the new band of horses is indeed better than their first cd. get beyond the s***bucks free download and get the whole album. click here to listen to the entire cd.

maritime - heresy and the hotel choir

maritime's third release just came out yesterday so i'm new to it still, but it's amazing. and in true promise ring fashion, this cd is not like the last maritime cd. there are echoes sure, but heresy is it's own bird.

manchester orchestra - i'm like a virgin losing a child

i know everyone's caught the hype about this band, but the hype is for real. mo is a great band and worth the effort to get their album.

and by the way, tim is making me a mix of bruce springsteen songs in the hopes that i'll develop a man crush on him. i say whatever; tim's always been my only man crush (since the untimely death of steve mcqueen) so if he wants to give that away, he's crazy.

also the new matt pond PA and the new pinback are amazing as well.

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