Wednesday, October 3, 2007

tim thinks i'm daft

I think it's strange that Tim thinks I'm daft for NOT liking an old man prance around stage with a bandanna in his pocket singing about things that happened before we were born...

Last night I went to the Eisley/Mutemath show at Club Sound (Kendal and Vanessa were there). We all agree that Eisley were amazing and should probably headline their own tours. We disagree on Mutemath. Kendal loves them (encore and all) and Vanessa and I left early. Too much self-indulgent mass rock if you ask me. They're quite popular though and certainly hard working. At one point last year they like toured for eight straight months. And while I'm happy for their success, I guess I'm just old enough that I'm not super impressed by how crazy a live show is. Of course I'm almost 30 which means I'm no one's target market anymore.

On another note, there are simply too many great cd's out right now that i don't have money for. Maybe I can borrow money from Tim?

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