Monday, December 3, 2007

well i guess it's about that time...(lawrence)

Well I guess it's about that time...

Here are my top 5 along with Daniel Taylor's (bassist from Surrogate) top 5 at the bottom.

5. Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
The Foo Fighters are one of those bands that have been around for years. They have released solid records for well over a decade. I can't imagine them ever releasing a bad record. They have solid songs and of course a great sounding record. Favorite Song, "Let It Die."

4. As Cities Burn - Come Now Sleep
As Cities Burn are a band that came from hardcore roots from Louisiana. They lost their singer(screamer) and decided to call it quits. Upon breaking the news to their fans amidst of touring was the best decision they could have made. Many of their much loyal fan based decided to tell the band how much they adored the band and how life changing their music was. The band decided not to call it quits, but with losing their front man they were different band. They no longer have a screamer but Cody stepped up at took over the front man position. ACB quickly lets you know they are a changed band with the first song almost reaching 7 mins and setting much of the chilled tone for the record. Although they have changed, they still haven't lost their aggression with songs such as This is it, This is it. Favorite song: "Timothy."

3. Circa Survive - On Letting Go
When I bought the first record (Juturna) by Circa Survive, I was not particularly interested in this band. I found them dull and boring and not too attracted to the singers voice. Like I did with so many records that I have purchased, I put it in my car cd player and refused to take it out until had listened to it in full several times. It ended up growing on me and becoming a record that i frequently visit. On Letting Go is the follow up record by Circa Survive. I truly enjoy the passion Anthony Green sings with (i also enjoy listening to others try and mimic such a unique singer, its quite entertaining). Favorite song: "Your Friends are Gone."

Surrogate - Love is for the Rich
Love is for the Rich
is a personal favorite of mine. I got to hear many of the songs last November while i spent some time in Chico, CA. So I was excited when this record came out because i remembered hearing many of the songs and enjoying them, I just didn't expect much. Little did i know how amazing this record was going to be. This record quickly became a favorite because of the the wonderful yet simple lyrics, as well as the enticing melodies. I have no Favorite song on this record because I find it very hard to not play this one straight through. Make sure you download the song "Popular Mechanics" that did not come with the record, yet i wish it would have.

1. Minus the Bear - Planets of Ice
Minus the Bear has been around for several years, they have been one of those bands that i have several of their records, but i have trouble putting them on. I can't listen to them all the way through because i get distracted or lost. This is not downplaying the band though, their musicianship is incredible and i enjoy the band. It just wasn't until i heard Planets of Ice that i realized how much i appreciate this band. There is something about this record that makes me want to pick up my guitar and play, yet at the same time put the guitar in its case and sell it. I highly recommend this record for any guitar player(especially those of you who play loud in Guitar Center. I mean really we need you to learn new songs so we don't have to hear the same tunes over and over). This record is the gateway i needed to help me through the previous releases. Favorite song: "When We Escape."

Honorable Mentions

Brighten-King vs. Queen
Every Time I Die- The Big Dirty
Radiohead- In Rainbows

Worst Record of the Year
I don't know if I can get away with this, but since I'm not actually from Utah i will have to throw it out there. The new The Used record Lies for the Liar record receives this award from me. This record sounds awful, its way overproduced and with lyrics that read "liar liar pants on fire" you can't win. Wow what a pile of garbage, and now I hope I live through the rest of the year. But hey, someone had to say it.

Daniel Taylor's Top 5...(bassist from Surrogate)

1. The Six Parts Seven: Casually Smashed to Pieces (Suicide Squeeze)
2. Son Volt: The Search (Transmit Sound/Legacy)
3. Circa Survive: On Letting Go (Equal Vision)
4. Thrice: The Alchemy Index Vol. 1 & 2 (Vagrant)
5. Brighten: King vs Queen (Carbon Copy)


Lauralee said...

I don't like The Used, but I've lived here my entire life and grew up with my friends loving them. I've never been able to stand their music and never will. I just don't get what people see in them.

chad said...

lawrence, all the cd's in your top five have very gray color themes...coincidence?

Team TurtleDove said...

You asked for our top 5 in you Myspace bulliten. So hear are mine:

5-REPRESENT!: The Action That You Need EP
A very very new fact this album in not scheduled to come out until December 27, 2007. However in this album the musician combines the powerful harmonics of the acoustic guitar with the invigorating beats of a drum machine and a twist of the electronic sound with a vocoder on the vocals. When I first heard this album I was automatically drawn in by his lyrics. He portray's unusual thoughts such as "If love is a crime let's bring that crime rate up 1, 2, 3, 4 times tonight." Lyrics are very important to me and they can either make or break a song. With his very unique sound, style, and lyrics he has put together an ingenius music project.

4-Kiss Kiss: Reality vs. The Optimist
Kiss Kiss likes to use sounds that are usually unpleasing to the ear, such as a high pitched violin and, stream them into riffs and melodies that make it all work! It's amazing. Not only that but the vocalist likes to throw in a few off key notes and still pull it off. This album almost portrays and circuis that scares they crap out of little kids. However people of just about any musical taste, I thnk, can enjoy this one.

3-The Eden Express: The Disconnect Is Gorgeous EP
I can't get enough of the Eden Express' Biblical stories that they tell and the feelings and thoughts that they bring to the mind. By far the best song on the EP "Brand New Fifty-Eights" in which they tell the story of remodeling the carbon based design of the human and turning them into..robots perhaps? It doesn't quite say but it speaks of the "fire licking at [their] legs" and the fact that "these days metal's hard to find." These lyrics are also very interesting and some of my favorite ever.

2-The Summer Set: Love The Love You Have EP
The Summer Set is one of the few bands that I have liked everything that they have produced ever since the very first note I heard of them. They say that they want to make their music very positive because of all the negative and degrading music out there these days, I do believe they accomplished that goal. With their powerpop sound and their intriguing vocals they bring music that I'm pretty sure anyone can love. They too suggest interesting themes in their songs such as "She's Got The Rythym." This is by far one of the best albums I have ever heard in my life. I can't explain it... Go check out the EP at They happen to be coming to the Avalon January 26th.

1-The Brobecks: Small Cuts EP
Anyone else find it funny that I picked 4 EP's?
I've always been a big fan of The Brobecks and must admit that I was very worried this past May when guitarist and keyboardist Mike and Dave decided to go different ways with a new project "Let's Become Actors" but Dallon Weekes amazed us all again. He continued to write brilliant songs that are extremely well played and performed! Perhaps leaning towards a more emo side with this album suggesting to "go cut yourself with a knife" however the ep's melodies, guitar, and especially bass riffs are quite spectacular. I love to sing along to "Visitation of a Ghost" at the shows. There are even group vocals! Haha go give it a listen at

Thanks for reading
(mostly Ethan)

chad said...

team turtledove: good list! if i were making a top five of local bands i'd include brobecks for sure. also the lionelle, but i've waxed friendly on them enough lately. thanks for reading!

Lauralee said...

I'll add mine in the next couple of days, team turtledove I have to agree with your albums you listed for sure! Especially the summer set! I've loved them to since they started it's nice to know other people enjoy them as well.