Wednesday, December 12, 2007

financial ins and outs, whathaveyou's

well our 2007 run is over.

i know what all you local bands think: "venues make bank and they suck for never paying locals."

well 2007 is over for us at the cafe...we made $18. just wanted to put that out there. so hopefully in 2008 we'll double our earnings in 2007 and make $36.

seriously, it's been a great year for us. specifically i'm thankful for a lot at the cafe, including, but not limited to:

1. new door girls - you rule. keep working hard in 2008 so we can make $36. thanks to everyone that's helped out at the door this year.

2. great local bands - you know who you are. you hard working locals that pack the cafe out. i hope you do well outside of salt lake in 2008.

3. great touring bands - brighten, umbrellas, showbread, listener, surrogate, the new frontiers to name a few...come back in 2008, we love you.

4. people that come to shows - seriously, thanks. the shows with no people are brutal. so keep coming out in 2008.

here are a few things i'm thankful to hopefully never have to deal with again, but i bet i will:

1. local bands that cancel - seriously canceling is a fact of life. waiting until two days before to do so is not cool. not calling at all is just horrible. and don't tell me you're going to still promote it. i know you're lying. if you'd promoted your show in the first place you probably wouldn't cancel.

2. rock stars - yeah, book shows somewhere else please! you only succeed in hacking off our sound guys and annoying the door girls and i'm always going to like the sound guys and door girls better than i like your band. i could really name some names here, but this isn't that kind of blog (that would be fun though!).

3. the super guest list - i love that you have a lot of friends. trying to put 20 of them on the guest list though is ridiculous. you wouldn't sneak 20 people into the movies with you or put 20 people in your car right?

so our 2007 is done and we're excited for a break. we're excited for 2008 too. we're going to focus on doing quality shows in 2008. we took on a lot of questionable shows in 2007 to get our name out there. we're not doing that any more if possible. we're not trying to be snobby, just realistic. we've been doing shows for two years now; we don't have to feel awkward and embarrassed about our venue. we like our venue and we think we do a good job with shows and tours.

so go buy some tickets online and give them away as stocking stuffers! thanks!

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