Monday, December 24, 2007

the new trend... not being dead; which i'm not either. i have nothing to write about really. but, to humor you all i'll write about a mix just made by yours truly. i suppose i can't even say that though. it was made by stephen chbosky, the author of the perks of being a wallflower. i just downloaded and stuck the songs on my itunes. here's the second side of "one winter":

asleep - the smiths
vapour trail - ride
scarborough fair - simon & garfunkel
a whiter shade of pale - procol harum
time of no reply - nick drake
dear prudence - the beatles (substitued by the version from across the universe due to not being able to find anything else)
gypsy - suzanne vega
nights in white satin - moody blues
daydream - smashing pumpkins
dusk - genesis
mlk - u2
blackbird - the beatles
landslide - fleetwood mac
asleep - the smiths
to begin with: i didn't put asleep on there twice by accident. that's what it's like in the book. which is not a bad thing. asleep is a very calming, beautiful song. my favorite of the whole playlist is daydream by the smashing pumpkins and gypsy by suzanne vega. incidentally, this has no point. i just really enjoy good mixes.
oh, and in reply to sami p.'s last post: dear & the headlights are better live. :]

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