Wednesday, August 13, 2008


two things to update you on...

1) the end is indeed near

due to economic pressures, the church that owns the cafe has to put it on the market. they hope to sublease it for the next 3-5 years until the economy turns around a bit.

what does this mean for the cafe and the shows there? well first off, they won't last forever. we will however book shows until the very last day possible! when that will be though, we have no idea. it won't be right away, but it is looming in the near future.

will we do shows somewhere else? well we have no idea. we make about $20 a year on shows after paying all our bills so it's unlikely we could find a place with rent that cheap (if you know someone though, let us know).

are we mad? absolutely not. the church that owns the place has always been amazing to us and allowed to us to run shows out of their building at a minimal cost. their love for what we do has actually hurt them financially as they probably should have leased the space to someone else long ago (someone who earns more than $20 a year). they've been upfront and honest with us every step of the way and we wish them all the best.

2) in the meantime

in the meantime we have some REALLY great shows lined up:

september 8th: colour revolt
september 12th: the heyday
september 13th: brighten
september 16th: the photo atlas
september 19th: boomsnake, snuffaluffagus
september 23rd: paxtin, the anix, cromwell
october 6th: in:aviate, the stiletto formal, man without wax

so if it has to end, what a way to do it. we'll add more shows to that as much as we can, we're hoping you'll show your incredible love and support until the fun has to end. we are still looking for local support, if you're interested, hit us up.

and seriously, we don't do this for money so to have all the support you've shown us is really huge. it's why we do what we do. we're sad to see it end at the cafe, but you never know what the future holds.


Stephanie said...

oh dear! really?!?
many good memories at the place!
i guess sooner or later you just have to say goodbye.

Alexandra said...

that is so sad! i don't like it at all!!!!!! dang it i really hope you guys find a new place! :( i love you guys dearly!!!!!! i just don't want to say goodbye!!!!!

Mesa said...

What a bummer... Solid Ground has become one of our favorite venues to play over the last few years... I guess we'll rock it hard til the very end!