Tuesday, August 19, 2008

save money on cafe shows

go add us on facebook and save money on cafe tickets. literally. here's what we've cooked up in our continuing effort to make the cafe fan friendly:

1. go to our facebook page (click on the logo).
2. under events on the right side, click on colour revolt.
3. RSVP for it (if you're going).
4. when you get to the cafe the night of the show, just tell the door that you're on the RSVP list and we'll charge you $6 to get in (for everyone not on the list it's $8).

we think that's easier than buying online tickets with their service charges and also better than asking bands to drive all over salt lake to sell you advance tickets. we're trying it on the colour revolt show and the brighten show and we'll see how it goes. we hope it goes well! our goal is full shows, happy bands and happy fans. while you're there, check out some photos, add a few of your own and if you can, tell some friends as well.

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