Friday, August 22, 2008

broken into to, but not broken

according to police reports, at sometime around 4 am this morning our beloved cafe was broken into and vandalized.  there's definitely a lot of damage, but most of it was petty vandalism.  while we're not sure who did it, we are sure that our shows will go on as planned and if anything, it has only strengthened our resolve to make these last shows our best ever.  please help us by spreading the word that we're "not dead yet" despite this recent challenge.  we'll keep plugging along and we sure hope you'll join us.  we're sad that some people chose to do this, but we're thankful no one was hurt and we're excited for colour revolt on monday, september 8th (for discount tickets to that show, head over to our facebook and get on the rsvp list).  we're also extremely thankful that the fellowship (the church that owns the building) already started clean up and repairs this morning and are committed to helping us make sure that the colour revolt show will happen and that things will be ready to go.

thanks for all your support and love and willingness to help us pick up the pieces.  as always, we do this for love of people and music, certainly not stuff and money!


Lauralee said...

oh wow crazy! I was driving by at 5:30am this morning (I work at Alta View) and for some reason I glanced in that direction, it looked liked some lights were on and some chairs or something were by the door. I guess it makes sense why it looked a little weird this morning.

Was the for sale sign messed with, maybe it was just me, but I swear I didn't see it this morning. (i saw the one by 7th east though)

It's still sad that people would do something like that though.

Mesa said...

serioulsy! that pisses me off! I can relate a bit... our van was broken into and all our gear stolen.

It's jacked up... we're not dead yet though and I'm glad ya'll are feeling the same way.

Some folks out there have some sweet karma coming their way

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