Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ravens & chimes

if you were inside my computer screen looking out at me you would see me happily bouncing around in my teal office chair. you would wonder what has me so happily dancing around & i would tell you "ravens & chimes!!!" this is my favorite new musical discovery so far this month. the tempo changes a lot in their songs, so each song is like a musical journey into a world with beautiful voices & pianos & i keep imagining a marching band somewhere in there. sorry but this is one of those bands that i like so much i have to write run-on sentences just to try to express my feelings of satisfaction & excitement. i want all their music on my ipod right now so i can live in this world until i'm ready to leave (which will be never because i love it too much.) Here is a bunch of their music on hype machine. i just found this video of them performing live at a radio station. once you get past the dj talking for 40 seconds the magic starts. enjoy!

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