Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the week of music...

monday: hung out in the studio with brighten (who work with jeff schneeweis of number one gun) and listened to them work on their new ep.
tuesday: surrogate show (magic, magic).
wednesday: weatherbox and jet lag gemini at the cafe.
thursday: the new frontiers and atherton at the cafe (you are dumb if you miss this show).
friday: swans of never and emme packer show at the cafe.

if you like music, that's a good week.


Anonymous said...

wow that sounds like an amazing trip! definatly jealous of your time spent chillin' with the dudes from brighten and jeff too. hahaha love the pics lawrence posted from when you were in the studio... alex's prego belly! -peace

tanner said...

um...yeah. sounds like an amazing week in music!