Friday, November 7, 2008

Band of Annuals and Joshua James tonight @ Kilby Court

This post is a little late, I meant to get it up much earlier today so you guys could have a chance to read it and go to the show tonight. Either way, you need to become fans of both of these musicians.

We are all big fans of both Band of Annuals and Joshua James here at From The Ship to The Sea (that is subtle humor, that will probably only make me laugh). Tonight will truly be an incredible show. I'm starting to feel like Conan O'Brien. Have you ever noticed he says that every night?

Band of Annuals are one of those SLC bands that everyone knows, everyone loves, and should totally be signed to a big indie label. They make really great alt-country, easy going, music. With both female and male vocals that would be successful on just on their own, it's hard to deny these guys.

Joshua James is what I like to call a "you make me jealous, and want to be a musician" musician. One of those singer songwriters that is just different enough to make a name for himself, but is also just as pleasing to the ear of even the most average of listeners (I'm talking C-minuses here people). If you like the social and political commentary of Conor Oberst, then you will like Joshua James.

I really don't think there is any way that you can be disappointed if you go tonight. However, I could totally see how you would be disappointed if you read this tomorrow and have already missed the show...

My bad.

If that is the case, check out the links, buy some albums, make some friends, sleep on their couches, call your mother only once a week, and only eat goat cheese. Life will be so much better.

Making sense only 68% of the time,


chad said...

since we have so many readers!

Anonymous said...

I really LOVE The Bright Eyes~
I found the one website where the writer is ONE big fan of them and reviews ALL the cds with great intense!