Thursday, September 4, 2008

thursday - shows update

a few things for you to keep you updated...

- nothing's changed on the looming lease of the cafe. this means we'll just keep booking more shows!

- we added one show and dropped another: this providence and everybody else will play the cafe on wednesday, september 17th and the catherine show on friday, september 26th has been cancelled. the tour decided that they didn't want to tour outside of california so they dropped their salt lake city date.

- some other shows we'll get up soon: brightwood on tuesday, october 21st and sleeping at last on friday, october 24th. we're TRYING to line something up with denison witmer, keep your fingers crossed!

and we've said it a lot lately, but seriously: colour revolt will be the best band we'll EVER get into the cafe. come check them out on monday!

1 comment:

Lauralee said...

I'm excited for Colour Revolt, I'll get there late. So I'll probably miss the first band.

I was planning on going to the This Providence/Everybody Else show, but now it'll be even easier to get there.

Denison Witmer would be amazing, I'll keep my fingers crossed for sure!